KAN Botanicals: A Family United by the Inspiration to Create and Educate

KAN Botanicals was born in 2019 as a family project with the vision of creating high quality products that adapt to the needs of each individual.

Since then, we have devoted time to research and studies, incorporating influences from scientists and soap makers from around the world.

This global collaboration has guided us towards the creation of products that nourish and purify the skin, taking into account the particularities of each climate and environment.

KAN: More than Three Letters, a Tribute to Three Loved Ones...


We create products with organic ingredients inspired by the olive plant.

Our selection includes vegetable oils, essential oils, herbs and more, reflecting our dedication to skin quality and regeneration.

Discover properties such as hydration and deep cleansing when using our products to achieve healthy skin.

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Beyond Creating Natural Products, We Share Knowledge

We serve and educate on the use of plants and essential oils, and how to create natural and effective products.

We offer a variety of workshops, from making soaps to making candles, lotions and more.

Each of our products and workshops reflects the love and dedication we put into everything we do.

We are here to serve you and help you take care of your skin and well-being in a natural and conscious way.

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